Chat customization

You can create a new chat base for your language or change the existing one. It is located in the folder: addons/yapb/conf/lang To do this, create a file **_chat.cfg or open an existing one.

Bots can write chat messages depending on the situation: planting a bomb, killing an enemy, attacking teammates, etc.


  • %v - inserts the nickname of the last killed player

  • %f - inserts the nickname of the team leader

  • %t - inserts the nickname of the alive teammate

  • %e - inserts the nickname of the alive enemy

  • %s - inserts the nickname of the random player

  • %m - inserts the name of the current map

  • %d - inserts the mod name from liblist.gam file (Counter-Strike or Condition Zero)

Chat sections

[BOMBPLANT] - Sets a list of messages that bots will write after planting a bomb.

[KILLED] - Sets a list of messages for bots that will write after killing an enemy. Use the placeholder %v to write the nickname of the killed enemy. Example:

You're dead %v!

When the bot kills the enemy with the nickname “John Smith”, he will write “You’re dead John Smith!” using the line shown in the example.

[WELCOME] - Sets the list of messages that the bot will write when it connects to server.

[TEAMATTACK] - Sets the list of messages that the bot will write when attacked by a teammate.

[TEAMKILL] - Sets the list of messages that the bot will write when it killed a teammate.

[DEADCHAT] - Sets the list of messages that the bot will write when it is dead or is in spectator mode.


Minimum number is 9! If you write less than 9 messages for this trigger, yapb will crash!

[REPLIES] - Sets the list of messages that the bot will write in answer to another bot if it has an answer to the specified word To set a word to which the answer will be, you need to set a key to specified words separated by commas Example:

This is the answer to the given words.
This is another answer to the given words.

This is the answer to new key word.

This is how it will look in the game:

John Smith: Bla bla bla word
Ricardo Milos: This is answer to the given words.

Keanu Reeves: Bla bla bla another word bla bla...
Tommy Vercetti: This is another answer to the given words.

Ryan Gosling: Answer me a new keyword.
Soap MacTavish: This is the answer to new key word.

Bots can use these replies at random.


Please note that the key words in the [REPLIES] trigger must be written in capital letters! In messages, they can be written in any format.

[UNKNOWN] - Sets the list of messages that the bot will write in answer to another bot if it has no response in the [REPLIES] trigger

VoiceChat customization

YaPB supports voice chat as well as zBot. All paths for yapb voice chat audio files are in the file: chatter.cfg which located in the folder addons/yapb/conf.

RewritePath sets the folder where the voice chat audio files are located. By default it is sound/radio/bot

Radio events

Event Radio_*** sets the name of the sound files that bot will speak instead of using a specific radio commands.

Which of them:

  • Event Radio_CoverMe - “Cover Me!” radio command.

  • Event Radio_YouTakePoint - “You Take the Point.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_HoldPosition - “Hold This Position.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_RegroupTeam - “Regroup Team.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_FollowMe - “Follow Me.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_TakingFire - “Taking Fire…Need Assistance!” radio command.

  • Event Radio_GoGoGo - “Go go go!” radio command.

  • Event Radio_Fallback - “Team, fall back!” radio command.

  • Event Radio_StickTogether - “Stick together, team.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_GetInPosition - “Get in position and wait for my go.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_StormTheFront - “Storm the Front!” radio command.

  • Event Radio_ReportTeam - “Report in, team.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_Affirmative - “Affirmative./Roger that.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_EnemySpotted - “Enemy spotted.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_NeedBackup - “Need backup.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_SectorClear - “Sector clear.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_InPosition - “I’m in position.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_ReportingIn - “Reporting in.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_ShesGonnaBlow - “Get out of there, it’s gonna blow!” radio command.

  • Event Radio_Negative - “Negative.” radio command.

  • Event Radio_EnemyDown - “Enemy down.” radio command.

You can comment out these lines if you want the bot to use standard radio commands.

Chatter events

Event Chatter_*** sets the names of sound files for bot’s chatter that it will speak.

Chatter events list:

  • Event Chatter_DiePain - bot death sounds.

  • Event Chatter_GoingToPlantBomb - bot says it’s going to plant a bomb.

  • Event Chatter_GoingToGuardVIPSafety - bot says that he is going to guard the vip escape zone.

  • Event Chatter_RescuingHostages - bot says that he is rescuing hostages.

  • Event Chatter_TeamKill - bot reaction to killing a teammate.

  • Event Chatter_GuardingVipSafety - bot says that he is guarding the vip escape zone.

  • Event Chatter_PlantingC4 - bot says it’s planting a bomb.

  • Event Chatter_InCombat - bot says that he is fighting with the enemy right now.

  • Event Chatter_SeeksEnemy- bot says that he is waiting for the enemy.

  • Event Chatter_Nothing - bot says that there is no one in this sector.

  • Event Chatter_EnemyDown - bot says that he killed the enemy.

  • Event Chatter_UseHostage - bot says that he took a hostage.

  • Event Chatter_WonTheRound - bot’s reaction to win.

  • Event Chatter_QuicklyWonTheRound - bot’s reaction to a quick win.

  • Event Chatter_NoEnemiesLeft - bot says that there are no more remaining enemies.

  • Event Chatter_FoundBombPlace - bot says that he found a place with a planted bomb.

  • Event Chatter_WhereIsTheBomb - bot asks where the bomb is.

  • Event Chatter_DefendingBombSite - bot says it’s defending the bomb site.

  • Event Chatter_BarelyDefused - bot’s reaction to a barely defused bomb.

  • Event Chatter_NiceshotCommander - bot’s reaction to a nice shot by a player.

  • Event Chatter_ReportingIn - bot says it’s reporting in.

  • Event Chatter_SpotTheBomber - bot says that he noticed a bomber.

  • Event Chatter_VIPSpotted - bot says that he noticed the VIP.

  • Event Chatter_FriendlyFire - bot reaction when attacked by a teammate.

  • Event Chatter_GotBlinded - bot reaction to flashbang.

  • Event Chatter_GuardDroppedC4 - bot says that he guards the dropped C4.

  • Event Chatter_DefusingC4 - bot says that he is defusing C4.

  • Event Chatter_FoundC4 - bot says that he is found C4.

  • Event Chatter_ScaredEmotion - bot reaction when he met several enemies and there are no teammates nearby.

  • Event Chatter_HeardEnemy - bot says that he heard the enemy.

  • Event Chatter_SniperWarning - bot warns about sniper.

  • Event Chatter_SniperKilled - bot reports that he killed a sniper.

  • Event Chatter_OneEnemyLeft - bot says that there is only one enemy left.

  • Event Chatter_TwoEnemiesLeft - bot says that there are two enemies left.

  • Event Chatter_ThreeEnemiesLeft - bot says that there are three enemies left.

  • Event Chatter_NiceshotPall - bot’s reaction to a nice shot from another bot.

  • Event Chatter_GoingToGuardHostages - bot says that he is going to guard the hostages.

  • Event Chatter_GoingToGuardDroppedBomb - bot says that he is going to guard the dropped bomb.

  • Event Chatter_OnMyWay - bot says it will be here soon.

  • Event Chatter_LeadOnSir - bot tells the player that he will follow him.

  • Event Chatter_Pinned_Down - bot asks for help from teammates when they are nearby.

  • Event Chatter_GottaFindTheBomb - bot says he found a bomb.

  • Event Chatter_You_Heard_The_Man - bot talks about the beginning of the round (currently not used).

  • Event Chatter_Lost_The_Commander - bot says that the commander (player) was killed, concerns the career mode in Counter-Strike Condition Zero.

  • Event Chatter_NewRound - same as Chatter_You_Heard_The_Man (currently not used).

  • Event Chatter_CoverMe - bot asks to be covered.

  • Event Chatter_BehindSmoke - bot says that he is behind the smoke (currently not used).

  • Event Chatter_BombSiteSecured - bot says that he defused the bomb.

  • Event Chatter_GoingToCamp - bot says that he is going to camp (guard an area).

  • Event Chatter_Camp - bot says he’s camping.

How this file should look like:

RewritePath sound/radio/bot

Event Radio_CoverMe = ("cover_me", "cover_me2");
// Event Radio_YouTakePoint = ("");
// Event Radio_HoldPosition = ("");
// Event Radio_RegroupTeam = ("");
Event Radio_FollowMe = ("lead_on_sir", "lead_the_way_sir", "lead_the_way", "ok_sir_lets_go", "lead_on_commander", "lead_the_way_commander", "ok_cmdr_lets_go");
Event Radio_TakingFire = ("taking_fire_need_assistance2", "i_could_use_some_help", "i_could_use_some_help_over_here", "help", "need_help", "need_help2", "im_in_trouble");

// Event Radio_GoGoGo = ("");
// Event Radio_Fallback = ("");
// Event Radio_StickTogether = ("");
// Event Radio_GetInPosition = ("");
// Event Radio_StormTheFront = ("");
Event Radio_ReportTeam = ("report_in_team", "anyone_see_them", "anyone_see_anything", "where_are_they", "where_could_they_be");

Event Radio_Affirmative = ("affirmative", "no2", "roger_that", "me_too", "ill_come_with_you", "ill_go_with_you", "ill_go_too", "i_got_your_back", "i_got_your_back2", "im_with_you", "im_with_you", "sounds_like_a_plan", "good_idea");
Event Radio_EnemySpotted = ("one_guy", "two_of_them", "theyre_all_over_the_place2", "the_actions_hot_here", "its_a_party");
Event Radio_NeedBackup = ("taking_fire_need_assistance2", "i_could_use_some_help", "i_could_use_some_help_over_here", "help", "need_help", "need_help2", "im_in_trouble");
Event Radio_SectorClear = ("clear", "clear2", "clear3", "clear4", "area_clear", "all_clear_here", "nothing_happening_over_here", "nothing_here", "theres_nobody_home");
Event Radio_InPosition = ("lets_wait_here", "lets_hold_up_here_for_a_minute", "im_gonna_hang_back", "im_going_to_wait_here", "im_waiting_here");
Event Radio_ReportingIn = ("reporting_in");
// Event Radio_ShesGonnaBlow = ("");
Event Radio_Negative = ("ahh_negative", "negative", "no2", "negative2", "i_dont_think_so", "naa", "no_thanks", "no", "nnno_sir", "no_sir");
Event Radio_EnemyDown = ("enemy_down", "enemy_down2");

// end of radio, begin some voices (NOT SORTED)
Event Chatter_SpotTheBomber = ("i_see_the_bomber", "theres_the_bomber", "hes_got_the_bomb", "hes_got_the_bomb2", "hes_got_the_package", "spotted_the_delivery_boy");
Event Chatter_FriendlyFire = ("cut_it_out", "what_are_you_doing", "stop_it", "ow_its_me", "ow", "ouch", "im_on_your_side", "hold_your_fire", "hey", "hey2", "ouch", "ouch", "ouch");
Event Chatter_DiePain = ("pain2", "pain4", "pain5", "pain8", "pain9", "pain10");
Event Chatter_GotBlinded = ("ive_been_blinded", "my_eyes", "i_cant_see", "im_blind");
Event Chatter_GoingToPlantBomb = ("im_gonna_go_plant", "im_gonna_go_plant_the_bomb");
Event Chatter_RescuingHostages = ("the_hostages_are_with_me", "taking_the_hostages_to_safety", "ive_got_the_hostages", "i_have_the_hostages");
Event Chatter_GoingToCamp = ("im_going_to_camp");
Event Chatter_HearSomething = ("hang_on_i_heard_something", "i_hear_something", "i_heard_them", "i_heard_something_over_there");
Event Chatter_TeamKill = ("what_happened", "noo", "oh_my_god", "oh_man", "oh_no_sad", "what_have_you_done");
Event Chatter_ReportingIn = ("reporting_in");
Event Chatter_GuardDroppedC4 = ("bombsite", "bombsite2", "i_got_a_covered", "im_camping_c");
Event Chatter_Camp = ("im_waiting_here");
Event Chatter_PlantingC4 = ("planting_the_bomb", "planting");
Event Chatter_DefusingC4 = ("defusing", "defusing_bomb", "defusing_bomb");
Event Chatter_InCombat = ("attacking", "attacking_enemies", "engaging_enemies", "in_combat", "in_combat2", "returning_fire");
Event Chatter_SeeksEnemy = ("lets_wait_here", "lets_hold_up_here_for_a_minute", "im_gonna_hang_back", "im_going_to_wait_here", "im_waiting_here");
Event Chatter_Nothing = ("nothing_here", "nothing");
Event Chatter_EnemyDown = ("hes_dead", "hes_down", "got_him", "dropped_him", "killed_him", "ruined_his_day", "wasted_him", "made_him_cry", "took_him_down", "took_him_out2", "took_him_out", "hes_broken", "hes_done");
Event Chatter_UseHostage = ("talking_to_hostages", "rescuing_hostages");
Event Chatter_FoundC4 = ("bombs_on_the_ground", "bombs_on_the_ground_here", "the_bomb_is_down", "the_bomb_is_on_the_ground", "they_dropped_the_bomb");
Event Chatter_WonTheRound = ("good_job_team", "nice_work_team", "way_to_be_team", "well_done");
Event Chatter_QuicklyWonTheRound = ("i_am_dangerous", "do_not_mess_with_me", "we_owned_them", "they_never_knew_what_hit_them", "thats_the_way_this_is_done", "and_thats_how_its_done", "owned", "yesss", "yesss2", "yea_baby", "whoo", "whoo2", "oh_yea");
Event Chatter_ScaredEmotion = ("whoa", "uh_oh", "oh_no", "yikes", "oh", "oh_boy", "oh_boy2", "aah");
Event Chatter_HeardEnemy = ("i_hear_them", "hang_on_i_heard_something", "i_hear_something", "i_heard_them", "i_heard_something_over_there");
Event Chatter_SniperWarning = ("sniper", "sniper2", "watch_it_theres_a_sniper");
Event Chatter_SniperKilled = ("got_the_sniper", "got_the_sniper2", "sniper_down", "took_out_the_sniper", "the_sniper_is_dead");
Event Chatter_VIPSpotted = ("i_see_our_target", "target_spotted", "target_acquired");
Event Chatter_GuardingVipSafety = ("watching_the_escape_route", "im_at_the_escape_zone", "watching_the_escape_zone", "guarding_the_escape_zone", "guarding_the_escape_zone2");
Event Chatter_GoingToGuardVIPSafety = ("im_going_to_cover_the_escape_zone", "im_going_to_watch_the_escape_zone", "im_going_to_keep_an_eye_on_the_escape", "heading_to_the_escape_zone");
Event Chatter_OneEnemyLeft = ("one_guy_left", "theres_one_left");
Event Chatter_TwoEnemiesLeft = ("two_enemies_left", "two_to_go");
Event Chatter_ThreeEnemiesLeft = ("three_left", "three_to_go", "three_to_go2");
Event Chatter_NoEnemiesLeft = ("that_was_the_last_one", "that_was_it", "that_was_the_last_guy");
Event Chatter_FoundBombPlace = ("theres_the_bomb", "theres_the_bomb2");
Event Chatter_WhereIsTheBomb = ("wheres_the_bomb", "wheres_the_bomb2", "wheres_the_bomb3", "where_is_it");
Event Chatter_DefendingBombSite = ("bombsite", "bombsite2", "im_camping_b", "heading_to_c");
Event Chatter_BarelyDefused = ("i_wasnt_worried_for_a_minute", "that_was_a_close_one", "well_done", "whew_that_was_close");
Event Chatter_NiceshotCommander = ("good_one_sir", "good_one_sir2", "nice_shot_sir", "nice_one_sir");
Event Chatter_NiceshotPall = ("good_one", "good_one2", "nice_shot", "nice_shot2", "good_shot", "good_shot2", "nice", "nice2", "very_nice");
Event Chatter_GoingToGuardHostages = ("camping_hostages", "im_going_to_camp_the_hostages", "im_going_to_guard_the_hostages", "im_going_to_guard_the_hostages2");
Event Chatter_GoingToGuardDoppedBomb = ("im_going_to_guard_the_bomb", "im_going_to_guard_the_bomb2", "im_going_to_keep_an_eye_on_the_bomb", "im_going_to_watch_the_bomb");
Event Chatter_OnMyWay = ("on_my_way", "on_my_way2", "im_coming", "hang_on_im_coming", "be_right_there");
Event Chatter_LeadOnSir = ("lead_on_sir", "lead_the_way_sir", "lead_the_way", "ok_sir_lets_go", "lead_on_commander", "lead_the_way_commander", "ok_cmdr_lets_go");
Event Chatter_Pinned_Down = ("they_got_me_pinned_down_here", "im_pinned_down");
Event Chatter_GottaFindTheBomb = ("theres_the_bomb", "theres_the_bomb2");
Event Chatter_Lost_The_Commander = ("weve_lost_the_commander", "the_commander_is_down", "the_commander_is_down_repeat");
Event Chatter_CoverMe = ("cover_me", "cover_me2");
Event Chatter_BombSiteSecured = ("i_wasnt_worried_for_a_minute", "that_was_a_close_one", "well_done", "whew_that_was_close");